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Essay Writing

This is basically a short piece of content on a particular topic. The topic may be based on literature or it may deal with management and business. The length of every essay can be 1000 words to 5000 words. The excellence of writing lies in focusing on the subject matter and detailing about the selective facts. However an essay can have only three headings: Introduction, main body and conclusion.
--- The introduction would introduce the topic with subtle analysis of the given or selected company.
--- The main body would detail about the main attempt of the topic and thereby it will discuss the purpose and targets of the study.
--- The conclusion part would tell us about the main finding about the entire analysis.
Essay can be on general criticism on a particular event or it may be related to the issues happened in a company. The main focus of the essay generally lies in depicting the the main theme and its relative factors: external and internal. An essay does not contain executive summary but it has an abstract at the very beginning of the paper.

Research Paper Writing

A research paper is a discussion and evaluation of a particular topic in respect with the research made by the students. Research may be of different categories based on the study that the students are studying. As for MBA students, ‘Future prospect of KFC’ can be a topic of research. This is evolved with the researcher to incorporate a number of stages on research and development on KFC with its earlier analysis. Therefore, a research paper contains a number of stages:
--- Introduction: Initially introduces the topic with its current image and consequence in the industry.
--- Methodologies: Compares and contrasts the earlier literature with the topic and generates necessary outline. Methodologies let men know about the contemporary impacts of the chosen topic in the society and in present business situation.
--- Results: With subjective analysis, the researcher comes to a conclusion. By researching and collecting data on the subject the researcher concludes the study.
--- Discussion: The result assumed and determined by the researcher might get contradictory to some critiques. This point deals with the different views and opinions of different people and discusses it with elaboration.

Dissertation/Thesis Writing/

Dissertation is basically a paper on findings and research of a subject topic that is submitted by a researcher student to acquire academic degree. This is considered as a former stage of higher qualification. This contains five chapters and may length between 5000-12000 words. This long format is consisted of different segregation of views and concepts. The segregated sections are:
--- Introduction: The very first stage is about the proposal of the selected topic. This would outline the main purpose of the research and its impact on future researches. This introduces the topic to the fellow men and then constructs a rationale for the chosen topic. If the proposal can make potential image on the processor, it would provide a chance to the student to complete the entire research. Therefore the proposal of dissertation is very important.
--- Review of literature: This section reviews the earlier assessment and analysis of the researchers and generates possible finding on those outlines. The overall impact of the literature is explained here.

--- Methodology: This again constructs the purpose of the research with description of its participants along with the measurement procedures and research design. Moreover, this chapter deals with the description of the procedure taken along with its evaluation.

--- Results and discussion: The last second chapter of the dissertation deals with the formation of research questions. It analyses the data collected and sufficiently elaborates those. Further it constructs general statistics on the primary and secondary for of data and works on that eventually.

--- Summary and conclusion: The last section of the research paper generates an overall summary of the research and concludes to a point on the long detailed process. Generally a complete dissertation takes 12-18weeks to accomplish the task. This is another name of Thesis paper.

Resume Preparation

Basically this service is about personal experience detail and development plan. A resume contains every personal detail that a person acquired in life. This includes the personal qualification, detail of academic degree, personal interest, self-specialisation and skill of doing any work. This is just not a self-escalation but it unfolds the quality and experiences gathered by the person in previous job (if the person is experienced) and the future capability of the student or person (if it is about a student who just finished study).

--- Describes the candidate with every personal and professional detail

--- Details about the skill if any

--- Tells about the utility of the experience the candidate has gathered

--- Describes the impact of the study background the candidate has just finished

--- Indicates any leading company the probability of profit or integration that the organisation may have with contribution of the specific candidate